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Related post: Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 08:33:07 -0800 (PST) From: Subject: Rachael's True Story Part 2This is continuance of my first autobiographical story I did in 2000. After four years, a lot imageboard pictures hentai loli has happened and needs to be told, so let me start about where I left off... I have been dressing lolits foto a long time. I can recall a hundred or so occasions not listed before. Such as I time I fotos lolicon teen went to my friends house when I was 8 or so wearing a bra under my jacket with no shirt on, the jacket was just zipped up all the way. That night I ended up sleep at his house on a beanbag chair; I put a knitted blanket over me and took the jacket off. You could so see a white bra through the holes in the blanket. I looked over and my friend was looking at me, he saw it. He never uttered lolitta gallery small a word. Around the same time my mom did laundry including my sheets and I had a bra under my pillow to wear when I slept, she brought it up but nothing ever afterwards. After I came back from Ruidoso, I got busted a few times. My mom found panties and such and would yell at me. One time my sister's dad was over after the divorce, and my mom was yelling at me, and he asked me if I had "that night gown you've been wearing of your mom's". I freaked out. I use to lie a lot when I was younger, so of course I lied about it. I would loli imgboard also always come out to girlfriends, and after we broke up would tell people about my CDing, and I would deny it. Even before the Halloween where I got the name "Rachael", I wanted to go as a nurse one year. My friend told me he was going as a French maid, so I said I would go as a nurse. And I didn't hide it. I told everyone at school and everything. Then he pussed out on lolicon forums me and I still wanted to do it (I think maybe he tricked me in to doing it alone). So my mom let me wear a nurse dress she had from being a nurse. I went next door and borrowed some white hoes and wore a bra stuffed with a ton of toilet paper; my tits were huge. But I didn't have the hat (my mom lost hers) and no shoes or make up and my hair wasn't that long yet, but it could have been styled. But my mom worked nights, and there was no one to help me. So then I'm in the bathroom wondering what to do, and my friends come over to get me to go out. I was so scared they would look under the door and see me. So I grabbed a blanket from the closet and ran in my room while they were talking to my mom's boyfriend who was there to watch me. I ended borrowing some of his clothes and going as a gangster pimp, I even had two hoes. Later that night though, I changed into a dress and bra and panties and hoes, and went in the living room to my mom's bf "Paul", and said, "This was what I was going loli fetish toplist to wear." he just laughed and kept watching TV, I ended up watching it with him dressed like that and he never said shit. I was comfortable too. Until later I bbs loli pedo gallery cracked a joke about a girl on TV looking at me for wearing loli toplist cp a dress, he free preteen lolidus bbs laughed again and told me to take it free lolicon game off. Not long after that we took the trash out while I was still in the dress, and I changed and went to bed. There pass lolipop xxx were also a bunch of times I would wear women's undies under my clothes at school. At high school, I only had one semester of P.E. I took advantage of not having P.E. too, I wore pantyhose and panties a lot, that's the same time I started real loli shaving my legs. I would paint my lolicon doll nails too, but it just suited how I dressed, kind of goth skaterish and grunge. loli fuck porn So to continue after I dated TJ. I kept dressing and going up to IHOP. My friends there just started to take it in as valid and that it was just me. I was working at a warehouse, and I was always afraid to wear something at work, and then get into an accident, and get exposed. My hair was long as hell too, to the middle of my back. So it didn't take much to look femm. In this period, I started to question my life style, and became more masculine, probably because of where I worked and I needed to keep appearances up. I got a lot of bullshit there anyways, I didn't need anymore. So off went the hair. I cut it sample movie loli all off. It was short enough to spike up all over. Then I bleached it and dyed it all blue. I loved it. I had a my blue wig of the same color so any exposed hair from the wig matched and looked like I had long hair again when I needed loli pics logon hack it to dress up. I only did it after work and on weekends, just whenever I could. Still never let my mom see me. At 19 I started dating this girl Brittany. I met lolicon board gallery post her online and found out she lived close to me. We hit it off and she was so pretty and tom boyish, that I didn't want to tell her about me. One night she wanted me to go to a Drag show. I joked and said, "do you have to go in drag to go to a drag show?" hoping that she would say yes and I could go as Rachael and then tell her everything. She just lolicon image bbs lolicon gallerie laughed and said no. one night I wore makeup over to her house, she didn't say much and it didn't seem to faze her. It just went with looking goth or whatever (I hate labels). I would still dress at home and such, but just not around her, I wanted to tell her so bad. One time she called me while I was asleep wearing a bra, panties, hose and a slip, everything in black of course, and she wanted under loli me to come see bbs loli imgboard her at work while she was on her break. So just put boy clothes on over it all and went. I took the bra off so that she wouldn't feel it while hugging me. free lolirta pics ru Another girl named Lindsey was a friend of mine and I had tried to hook up with for a long time, lolicon girls galleries but things didn't click right, was the only person I could talk to about my situation with Brittany. She knew all about me and just thought I should come out and tell my gf. Broke up came before I could. I found out she was cheating on her boyfriend of 3 years on me. I should felt flattered but I wasn't. I can't stand cheating or lying even though I have cheated before. So I ended up later going out with my friend Lindsey. Who came back from California to be with me. It kiddie loli was great. She already loli teen model bbs knew all about me and accepted me, and it was a turn on to her to see adolescent lolitta sex me as a women. One night she asked pink loli me if she could dress me up, so I of course said yes. loli loev pedo I even went and bought thigh highs and fake nails for the occasion. I brought all my makeup and stuff over to her house and she showed me what I was to wear, I glitter covered black over the knee dress, a garter belt that was new to me, and some awesome platform heals. She even had a brown wig to match my hair to wear. I was working doing landscaping by then, (a job I got to see Brittany more, which didn't do any good) so I had an awful uneven tan that didn't look to flattering while dressed in pretty clothes. I accompanied Lindsey's clothes with things I had, black panties, a bustier she had given me along time before that, and a bra. She even let me wear a long cardigan like sweater to finish off the outfit. First off though, she loli ukrainian put the fake nails on at her house and painted them. Then her parents came home and she didn't want them to see me dressed up, so we went to my house to get me all ready. The following makes me respect women a lot more for the russian lolitta sex bullshit I went though that night that women have to go through everyday. First off, getting dressed with long nails is almost impossible without previous practice. The bustier and hose sucked the most to do, and make up was kind of tricky, and snapping the hose to the garter belt. Upon completion I even wanted to wear earrings while the holes in my ears had closed up. Lindsey had a hard fucking time putting them in, and they kept bleeding. Afterwards they hurt for days. I even asked her" women do this everyday?!" and just simply said yes and kept on, as if it was a lesson for a day loli feet pics in the life as a women, something I had not truly done before. All we did after completion was go t one of her friend's houses so she could show me off. I even had one of her purses on. All that night too I had my friend Justin calling me to hangout. I didn't want to come out to him yes so I just kept saying that I needed to spend time with Lindsey in fear that he would she me dressed. After going out, we went back to my house, I tried to run back to my room because my sisters loli pedo bbs forum were awake, but I was spotted. One of my sisters saw me and said "oh my god", before I made it to loli girl photo my room. I just got in and locked the door. I have a pic of me of when I got back home too. After free loli nymphets that, we had crazy sex while I lolicon porn galleries was still dressed. It was awesome. We would do things like that after loli under kinder cp that night. When she got back from Cali she was pregnant, and she said the scary word to me, "step dad", and I said I didn't want to do that and we broke up. I dressed up that Halloween very well too and things I still had of hers. I had planned to go to a friend's party dressed up. I had shaved and such the night before, and at work (doing landscaping) loli cum model I wore panties and a shirt slip under my clothes all day to prepare me for that night. After work I went home and cleaned up and shaved again, and went trick or treating with my mom in a costume I threw together, a trench coat and a scary mask. Afterwards I went home, got my girl clothes and make-up, and went to my friend's house for the party. I got dressed in her room. And came out and lolicon comic no one knew it was me for a while. I even invited my friend Justin to the party, so he could see me. I pretty much came out to him that night, and he was lolia porn cool with it. I soon had my 20th b-day while my family was away in an empty house and had a great party. Nothing too much, it was just fun. That was November 30th 2002. Soon afterwards in free lolitta movies December, I ran into a girl I liked for a bit named Stephanie at her work, and porn preteens lolicon she worked at a toy store (how cool is that). I called her later that night and we soon hit it off hard and started dating. Mean while, my mom found another house pictures lolit and we moved only cattycorner from our house. Our new pre teen loli sex house was only like 4 or 5 house down. On Stephanie's b-day, I surprised her and went over dressed up as her present and she loved it and I imgboard loli girl told her all about me, and she was totally fucking cool about it. She was a fan of the gay crowed and had a lot of drag queen friends and found them hot but untouchable since they liked men, so I was different cause I liked women and she could have me. I only lived in lolit free foto the new house kids lolitia for 2 weeks before I moved in with Steph. Something that I had never done, and it was the craziest fucking 11 moths of my life yet to date. pic porn lolit Everything was amazing the first few months. We were hard core in love, and she loved everything about me, Randall and Rachael. At first I just dressed as I normally did, every now and then and not going out much. And I could tell she didn't really want her friends to know about me. But as time progresses she wanted me to dress more and more. She also use to be a dominatrix, which I found incredible hot. So she would go in domm mode lolicon gallery free and I would go in femm mode and we would have video lolicon gratis fun. We bought tons of duck tape in all colors and I would end up bound and dressed up a lot. lolicon free post bbs I would go in and out of being really feminine. Then I told her everything, even xxx loli stories let her read gallery loli my first story on this site to fill her in on my past. And it just made her love me more, and in return I loved her sooo much I couldn't bare it, to be with someone that loved me for me, it was something I dreamed about. Another badass thing about living there, her and I were about the same size, so we had a joint wardrobe. It fucking rocked, I could dress up when ever and had more clothes than I knew what to do with. When we got our income tax returns, we went out and bought more clothes for Rachael, things every girl needs, panties and bras to wear everyday and other things such as hose and such. I could sleep in things I use to wear when I slept alone like nightgowns and slips. She turned me on to pajama tiny girls loli pants and links of lolit camis to sleep in which rock. She even started plucking my eyebrows and we would shower together and shave our legs and do make-up and nails and other femm things I never did with anyone else like that before. I never wanted to be anywhere but there with her ever again. We even got engaged. Little things started happening though. She was a very emotional girl. She would get depressed or angry and take it out on me, or she would dumb me because she thought I was going to dump her. It seemed like things were so good, it was too loli bbs anime image good to be true to her. Plus she lets things get to her that are bullshit and takes some things to hard. Such as, I joke around a lot and she would take things I said to heart and get upset. I am loli nymphet defloration a way laid back person, so this was also new to me. But I always seemed to pick her up and loli cp bbs top dust her off and let her know I loved her and everything would be ok as long as we had each other. We started to play a lot more with her being dominant and me dressing up a lot. So much so that I finally came out to my friends and loli young pussy 12yr family that didn't already know. It was awesome to have all lolitta pre free pics that fear lifted off my shoulders. I wanted to come out and tell nymph model preteen loli everyone of my want for a sex change. I told Steph and she was accepting, but I could tell it bugged her. She said she fell in love with the boy first, not the girl, and that on hormones I could change and she wouldn't lolit child sex pussy know the girl. So I withheld saying anything about it for a while, it got brought up a few times, one time so much that I was ready to tell my mom so I could start my hormone therapy. It never happened. Things were getting rough and stressed on me. loli sexpics I called off the engagement and that hurt Steph allot. I didn't want to get married that soon in my life and it seemed she was more concerned about the shoes and the dress and the location of the wedding more than she was about us. But we stayed lolicon freesites together. She would freak out on me more pedo loli cp bbs and more though, and I couldn't take it. I wanted to leave her. The night I said young loli 9 yo that, I had the worst pains in my stomach. I had had the nude child lolicon pains for a while, they came and went, but that night was the worst. Amongst all the fighting, it must have set something off. And she drove me to the hospital, while calling young lolia bbs board into work. I thought this to be a lot coming from a might be soon loliza underage ukraine to be ex. I got at the hospital at like 9 or 10 in the morning, I waited in a room for 10 hours before I had anything happen, Steph stayed with me the hole time, I was terrible pain. She just lolicon gallery best kept trying to call my mom. She finally with my sister's dad. He was the one lolit teen porn that got me the attention I needed, he yelled at nurses and staff till they came in with morphine and I went and got my ex-rays and an I.V. Come to find out, my gallbladder had 2 huge stones in it and it had to come out. I was in the hospital for 3 days all doped up on morphine and I still held a grudge about the fight and wanted to move out. I couldn't stay with my mom cause I couldn't get the rest I needed and loli models nude bbs the dogs could jump on my stitches and hurt me, so I went home with Stephanie. We fixed things as usual. She babied me back to heath. Putting female clothes on to "make me feel better" and making sure I was ok. I got better. And started dressing up even more, despite my new scars on my stomach. We started trying to play our domm and sissy lolit com game more and more. We even posted a fictional story on this called Mistress Scarlet and Rachael. Then the day I will regret forever happened. I cheated on her with a mutual friend. But I didn't hide it or nothing, I told her the day it happed, I wanted to get forgiveness and move on, and I totally crushed her. I felt so guilty for what I did to her, I thought I should leave because she deserved better. I had always left myself open for things and didn't think about the future and was still trying to be a free spirit. I did a lot of thinking and realized that if she is the person I want to be with, I need to close these doors and devote myself completely to her. After I fucked up, we seemed to change roles, actually everything changed. She got pregnant and I was going to be a dad, or a second mother. I was in and out of jobs. And when I didn't work I dressed up, so if I didn't have a job for 3 months, I was living as a woman. I had to do a lot preteen loli forum to win back Stephanie's trust, in the mean while, the girl I cheated on her with was hiding out and was lying about be saying shit I didn't do and making the situation worse. All I did id kiss her and she went down on me. And then I stopped it because I knew what would happen next. So Steph having this new anger for what I did, became very dominant and lolicon cosplay tgp over ruling and controlling, and I submitted myself to her completely. I would be in femm as much as she wanted and cp loli kiddie do anything I was told to do, like clean in and do the dishes in a bra and panties, I would. Or go get us food dressed up. By this time almost everyone knew about me. I would go to my mom's house dressed up and she was cool, she would only comment my outfits as she did my sister, I felt like anime lolicon nymphs the older sister and the other daughter my mom never had. My friends would come over and not even flinch to what I wore, which were very feminine posing lolis clothing. I would even go to band practice as a woman. rushian loli I would wake up and do my make-up and get dressed as most women do. Do my asian nude lolit chores and house work while Steph worked, and I would do anything else she wanted. We lived in a very BDSM lifestyle. I called her mistress and I was Rachael all the time. sex lolitta mpeg I would get beating for being bad, and rewards for completing task and being good. I even went loli cp sweet top as a gypsy fortuneteller for Halloween. Despite this game, we fought a lot, and didn't have as many good moments, and I knew I was to blame. I got a job and she quit hers. So I could take care of teens porn lolito my loli hentai pics pregnant girlfriend/mistress. She would order me to wear panties at work and would loli top 100 ru check to make sure when I got home. She would sometimes tie me up or bound me in my undies and leave my in the bedroom while we had company. I would just lay there, helpless and jus hear all the fun everyone else was having while I was bound and gagged in the dark sometimes being tortured my something and I could even mutter a word. A lot of things like that were probably because I asked for it and I was being punished for cheating. In fact, I never lived it down. How much I begged and pleated, I couldn't get Steph's full forgiveness, and I was truly sorry. loliteen pics tgp I hurt the one person that meant more to me than anyone; my future wife, my child's mother and she also felt like my soul mate. We just had too much in common. Things went dark real quick. I lost my job because I have a bad knee, Steph loli mixman had bbs loli pre a miscarriage and lost the baby, and the next day my 2000 ford ranger got repossessed. On top of that, Steph russian loli movie had starting talking to a mutual friend of ours, like she had a high school crush. I loli sexe a lot of times got pushed aside and left alone. I would try to show her how much I loved her and cared for especially after the baby. But she went numb, dead inside. I was no longer a priority it felt like. To cut to the chase, she dumped me a day before my 21st b-day and went straight to that guy. preteen loli anal underage I moved back in with my mom, and was the most miserable I had ever been. I felt like I lost everything. I got a new job, new truck, and stated drinking a lot. Most my money went to drinking. My mom said I needed a brake after everything that had happened and I just needed to relax a while. So I went to a lot of bars. I also wrote a lot of loli jp underage fuck amazing songs about Steph. Some beautiful, some dark and angry. I bbc loli pthc talked to her off and on and getting back together, and when I realized she was lying to me about that, I cut her off and lolil lust told her to leave me alone, for my own good. I lolicon hentai free tried to dress up after that. But it seemed like, it was something I japan imageboard loli did for her and that Steph was a huge part in Rachael's life, and when she was gone, there wasn't much room for Rachael and it just didn't feel the same. After all that, that submissive guy in me that like blue, and the women that had just seen real sunlight in 20 years died. I revamped myself to what I russian lolitta model wanted to be. I decided to mix male and female clothes and create my own style. Still wearing make-up and such, just more like a glam rocker does. I was male, and androgynous. Remaking myself, I needed a new name too, for my new identity. I named myself Rebel Doll. Through out the year I kept trying to dress up as Rachael but she feels pretty much dead in all aspects. If I'm in women's clothes now, I just feel like a guy in women's clothes. There is no transformation anymore. That magic is gone. Anything I do now is for fun or fetish or for a girl that likes it. I still haven't dated anyone, loli und bbs lolias I'm not ready to, but I did have a lot of single guy sex. Nothing like that feels like it use to before Stephanie, its just lust. I need to change everything about me, not just inside and out. But my surroundings too. So I have to decided to move to California for good to peruse my one true passion, music. Will Rachael return? I ask myself that sometimes, but I'm not sure. One naked lolicon of many things that I have learned is, you never know what's going to happen. Any comments or questions, e-mail me at
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